Did you know your network can be managed from the cloud? It can be managed from anywhere there is an internet connection. With quick setup, fast deployment, and easy scaling, a Cisco Meraki network solution is the right choice for companies of any size.

Even if you don't have Cisco Meraki equipment, you can still implement Meraki monitoring and

get real time network monitoring to ensure your network is secure and running at peak performance.

Yavar is the right choice for Cisco Meraki Solutions! Serving businesses in the greater Seattle Metro area.

Cloud Managed Network Seattle

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Why Choose a Cisco Meraki Solution?​

  • Cloud Management: 100% centralized cloud management for security, networking, and application control

  • Zero-Touch Configuration and Deployment: Switches can be configured from any Internet-accessible location

  • Virtual Stacking: Manage all switch ports, regardless of switch model or location, from a single pane of glass

  • Top Level, 7-layer Security: Security built in and automatically updated to ensure a secure network

  • Flexibility: Wi-Fi access points that are flexible, easy to deploy, and easy to scale as you grow

  • Cost and Adaptation: You can try before you buy so you know that you will get a solution that works for you

Our Specialties:

  • Network configuration, deployment, and management

  • Real Time Systems Monitoring & Alerting

  • Access Point configuration and deployment

  • Firewall configuration and 7-layer security

  • Remote login and support

  • IP and Content filtering

  • Cloud-based location analytics and mobile engagement

  • Virus, Malware, Ransomware Protections

Cisco Meraki Solutions Seattle

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